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Agile Transformation Di, 09.07.2019 Forum 2
15:15 - 16:00

As a leading provider of solutions and machines for additive manufacturing (3D Printing with laser sintering), Krailling based EOS GmbH is working with its clients to enable a more Agile approach to hardware development. At the same time, EOS is going through an Agile transformation itself, that started in Software development three years ago and is spreading across the organisation.

In this session we will share insights and experiences on Agile approaches in a mechanical engineering environment, both with our clients and within EOS. What worked? What didn't work? Which work hacks proved valuable? What are the limitations of Agile in mechanical engineering, and how are we going to deal with them?

(We aim for a co-presentation of an internal Agile Coach and a solution consultant working with clients of EOS, playing presentation Ping-Pong)

Michael Cramer
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Michael Cramer is a passionate Agile Coach and Facilitator based in Munich. Since 15 years, he helps companies and development teams to deliver more value, and to have more fun in doing so. Together with EOS, Michael is currently exploring the possibilities and necessary compromises when applying Agile to a mechanical engineering environment.

Florain Lassan
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 Customer Project Manager

A fast innovating and iteration based technology also requires a different way of running projects. This challenge Florian is facing in working as a customer project manager in additive manufacturing. Supporting his customers in additive manufacturing part development and the ramping up of projects, he is using agile methods and design thinking to leverage the potential and flexibility of 3D Printing.